Update #1: Rebranding, Podcasts and plans for this Blog

Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve written an update like this.
You’ve probably already read the title and know what all of this is about so I don’t exactly see much reason to introduce this very much. Let’s just get to the point of all of this.

I’m rebranding. I’m going to completely reset everything, start on a new blog, under a different name, hopefully even releasing different and especially more content! As for the reason I’m doing all of this, it’s rather simple actually. I’ve been more or less frequently writing on my old blog for about 3 years now and both the quality, as well as the content of what I’m doing has changed a lot. I feel like it’s time to bury korisanime (partially because of the terrible name that 15 year old me somehow thought was good), let the old content be the way I used to write and have the newer things, the ones I think to be much higher quality be part of a newer, much better blog.
In a more symbolic way, I want this new blog to be a signal of change of pace for what I’m doing. I want to introduce new things to my blog. Mostly things I’ve been seeing others write, that I’ve enjoyed reading and that I want to give a shot myself!

  • Weekly Overviews: Seasonals have always be somewhat fascinating to me and that’s exactly why I want to be able to write more about them. Not only will I start writing First Impressions, Overviews at the end of seasons (not winter though….I didn’t watch enough), but I also want to write about what I thought of episodes each week! This is something I’ve mainly seen blogs like Wrong Every Time or Mage in a Barrel use and I’ve enjoyed reading them a whole lot! I want to give these a try and am to be able to keep up with a decent amount of shows.
  • In addition to engaging more with seasonals on this blog, I will be participating in something called the “Anime Power Ranking” in which AniBloggers rank the episodes of seasonal shows each week and vote the top 5. The results will then be posted on “Behind the Nihon Reviews“. These will also include short quotes etc, so extra points for those that find me on there! I really like the idea and am pretty excited to make my contribution to this project and I highly recommend you check it out and if you are an AniBlogger yourself, you are very welcome to join the crew!
  • Quick Thoughts on shows: This is something that I do not know how often I will do, but from time to time I have a show I just have to write about, that I don’t think has enough to it to write a full on Review for and for shows like these I will simply write a quick blog post on, without much structure or anything on what I thought of it. Maybe these will end up being most of what I write, but maybe I’ll end up rarely working on them at all. This will show over time.
  • Through all my reading of several different AniBlogs I’ve come to really want to write proper Analysis of certain aspects of shows. I am very unsure about these and have never in my life written one of these, but this is something I am looking forward to, that will be a real challenge. I have a few ideas swirling around in my head at the moment. When I will be getting to them, I can’t tell, especially with the new seasons and a ton of First Impressions coming up, but I do believe that they will be coming!
  • One more thing: If you haven’t heard of it yet, I will be going to Japan in summer and will be living there for about a year, doing Work and Travel. I am planning to both write blogs about this as well as do some Vlogs on my Youtube Channel. Would you guys like to see these on this blog right here? Would you want me to create something completely new for that? I would appreciate some answers in the comments down below. Thanks in advance!

So these are the things you may or may not be finding here in the near future. I definitely want to write more than I have been writing for the past few months. Blogging has been incredibly joyous to me and through it I’ve met some great people! I am hoping to improve more and more over the next few months and I am very excited to start writing more!

Lastly I’d like to send you all towards the two Podcasts I am currently a part of. Me and a few German friends of mine have recently started the “Aniview Podcast” where we sit down once a week to talk about whatever we’ve been watching and whatever topic comes to mind. We also try to talk about one specific show we’ve all been watching once a month and “Barakamon” will be up next in just 1 or 2 weeks so if you speak German, definitely go check that out!
the other Podcast I just recently joined is “Anime Abroad“. Operating relatively similarly a group of usually 3 to 4 people with occasional guests from the English speaking Anime community, will talk about whatever they have watched that week or previously thought about topics, Anime etc. I’ve been part of the Podcast for a few weeks now and the recordings have all been super fun so far and we even have one Podcast with a to me very special guest coming up just later today, so go tune into that!

Anyway thanks for reading this little Update, I hope you like the new website, the new content I am planning to make and if there are things you think I could improve or anything else you are missing, please tell me so!
With that, I will see you guys this weekend for the first wave of First Impressions!


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